How To Protect Your Phone With Cerberus

If you’re having Android smartphone, you always have a risk of data loss, even with the smartphone in your hand. Or, you might lose your android phone for a few minutes, and that would be enough for thieves. You’ll end up losing everything in your smartphone, and may need to visit data recovery service in Toronto.


Fortunately, Taking It Mobile Data Solutions has found a handy app to avoid such issues. Cerberus is an app which can be installed as hidden system process, or incorporated into ROM, which indicates that it is irremovable. It facilitates users to locate the lost cell phone via silent messages, which enable remote controlling and tracking features.

According to the data recovery company Toronto, these features are unavailable in normal circumstances, unless the cell phone receives a secret coded message.

  1. Installation

Cerberus can be installed in three different waysfrom Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore, or developer’s website. It can be installed as:

  • Standard APK file – it can be installed from Google Play, or downloaded from the developer’s website. The steps are:
  • Hidden file – download Cerberus_disguised.apk that runs in the Manage Applications screen as “System Framework”. You can also hide this app by going to Cerberus web console and choosing “Hide from app drawer” option.
  • Flashable ZIP – to ensure ultimate security of your cell phone, you can get the root access and flash the app with ClockworkMod, or TWRP.This will integrate Cerberus into your device’s ROM, and will make it impossible to uninstall.
  1. Configure Cerberus on your cell phone
  • Enable Cerberus from app setting screen. Here you can tie remote wipe options as well.
  • You can indicate how snaps are taken upon unlocking and password changing attempts.
  • There is a SIM checker option. It ensures phone tracking even if the SIM card is replaced.
  1. Tracking your online phone
  • After you have installed the app and created your account, sign in to the main website to search options.
  • There is a Google Map with tracking menu at the upper-left corner of your screen. All options are initiated when Send command button is pressed.
  • On the main website, go to Start Tracking, then press Send Command button. If your phone is online, it will be displayed on the Google map.
  • “Get location history”will tell you the history of locations where your phone has been to, ever since its tracking started.
  1. Offline tracking

If, somehow, the phone’s data connection was disabled, you can send SMS to your phone from another cell phone, containing the command, “Cerberus password enabledata”.

  1. Data protection

There are several different commands to protect data from being stolen. Few handy commands are

  • Lock with code
  • Wipe device memory
  • Wipe SD card

You can also use SMS wipe commands as well.

  1. Record activities of thief

You can also take snaps, record video and audio of the thief, to retrieve your stolen phone. Use options like:

  • Take picture
  • Record audio and
  • Capture video

All the commands have SMS alternatives too.


It’s time to try what you’ve just learnt, transforming an ordinary looking gadget into a hi-tech problem solver that has the ability to be your assistant on-the-go.