Online Gaming Technology

Online gaming has seen some drastic changes, not only in the technologies that surround it but the gaming trends have changed as well. The classic shoot ‘em ups are no longer relevant as game studios tackle popular game types like sandbox games. This has resulted in games like Call of Duty becoming more free-roam like GTA.With thanks to we present to you some of the most popular online games today.


Online gaming has become one of the most popular ways to spend leisure time amongst adults. It has influenced other areas of popular culture such as internet memes and movies and even jobs.

The popularisation of eSports has brought a lot of money into the online gaming world. There are many online leagues where you can test your skills against players from all over the world. The number of players in a league depends heavily on the popularity of the game involved. With over 700 million people (more than 40% of the online population) playing online games there is minimal fear of not finding a game to play.

Online Battle Royals: The New Craze

If you do not know what Fortnite is by now, then you must be avoiding all forms of social media. Fortnite memes have become the norm on Facebook and Instagram. It is a game where the map periodically gets smaller and smaller until eventually there is the last man standing who wins the game.

A round starts with 100 people and ends with one winner. You can be eliminated by being killed by a player or by being outside the designated area for too long. From the moment the game begins, the map shrinks in the form of a circle. If you are outside of the circle, then you will start to lose health until it is fully depleted. The circle will only stop shrinking once there is a winner.

This is typically the way that these Battle Royal-type games are played. Gameplay will change slightly depending on which game you choose to play but the core remains the same. The two most popular games in this category are Fortnite and Players Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG). The major difference between the two is that Fortnite is a free-to-play game.

Leveled Playing Fields

The advancement in gaming technology has made a huge impact on game development. Previously it was very difficult for Indie-game developers to share in the market because of the scale of funding required to develop games. It was often very tough to compete with the quality of wealthy developers.

The major change for independent developers must be the popularity of digital downloads. For years it was nearly impossible to fight for shelf space with big game developers because of the deals that needed to be in place. Big game developers had more connections in this regard. Thanks to digital marketplaces, like Steam, indie-game developers can provide games directly to their customers.

VR: a Gamechanger

Imagine being able to transport yourself into your favorite game. That seemed like something out of a sci-fi movie at the turn of the 21st century but now it is here.

Virtual Reality requires the use of hardware (like a VR headset) to project a fictionalized environment. VR technology has advanced to the point where one feels fully immersed in the VR world. You can feel like you’re walking through a haunted mansion or even go as far as to have sex in the virtual world. The possibilities right now seem endless.

PlayStation has been the first major gaming platform to integrate VR into its system. In fact, the PlayStation VR is one of the most popular headsets with sales of over a million in less than a year. There are already many games that you can play using Playstations VR function like Batman: Arkham Knight. Big game developers have invested a lot of money into AR technology and are planning to release a lot of VR content in the following years.

AR: The Future?

If you do not know what Augmented Reality is, think back to the Pokémon Go phase of 2016. Remember grown men running around to try and catch that elusive Pikachu and all your friends divided into Yellow, Red and Blue teams. This is Augmented Reality at its finest.

AR makes us of the real-world environment but enhances it by adding computer-generated objects. For example, Pokémon Go combined Pokémon characters with the real world to make it seem like these digital creatures were real. There have not been any significant games that use AR since Pokémon go but it will be very exciting to see what the future has in store for AR gaming.

There are many other used for AR besides for gaming. Ikea has been experimenting with AR to improve customer satisfaction for example. This makes it a technology that is one to look out for in the future.