How to Start a Career in IT

There’s little doubt that a career in IT is one of the most exciting careers a young person can embark upon. Anyone with a love of information technology has many opportunities available to them, especially if they have the required education and skills, essentials that can be acquired by undertaking IT study and applying the skills they’ve learned wherever they can. Here are a few tips for starting a career in information technology.


Find the Right Role/ Career to Pursue

What exactly do you want to do? That’s a tough question for many young people to answer because there are so many fields of IT that are interesting. Deciding on the right role or field to start a career in is important, especially if you’re looking at enrolling in IT courses to further your career prospects. Before you start studying, you need to know what field you’re going to focus upon, for example, programming, web and graphic design, or networking.

For many people the choice comes easily because they have a love of a particular aspect of IT and are very good at it. For others, however, deciding which field to pursue a career in is a tough choice, but it’s a decision that everyone looking to start a career in IT must make. Don’t rush the decision, but don’t take too much time making your mind up either. Time is of the essence.

Learn HTML

You may not need to specialise in HTML, but everyone with a career in IT is expected to have good HTML skills. CSS is something else you may require, but as long as you have a good understanding of HTML and can use it competently in the workplace, that’s a good start for now. You can always enrol in a CSS course or take some online lessons at a later date if you find you require CSS skills in your new role.

Learn Different Operating Systems

It’s great to be a whiz with a particular operating system, like Windows or Linux, but it’s definitely an advantage to be familiar with all the major operating systems, so not only Windows and Linux, but iOS as well. This way you can walk into any course, if you’re studying, or any workplace, if you’ve got yourself a job, and get into things right from the get-go.

It’s not a good look to start a new job and then have to explain that you’re not familiar with the Linux operating system having only ever used a MacBook.

Build Your Own Website

Even if you’re not looking at a career in website design, it’s still advantageous to have created a website on your own because understanding website design is increasingly important in all IT roles, even if you’re considering a career in project management and will never build a website in a professional role.

For those with a love of technology, starting a career in IT is sure to be an exciting time. Make sure you get off to a great start by earning the education and skills required to hit the ground running.