Why is Foxtel a Great Broadband Option?

Foxtel is among pay TV’s biggest providers in Australia, and stepped in the telecommunications industry later than other competitors. Still they have done an amazing job so far, and are a great choice if you are looking around for broadband plans.


Foxtel offers NBN plans or ADSL+2 plans.  NBN plans are only based on the FTTP connection type for right now, but Foxtel will soon expand to FTTDp and FTTN as well. All their plans are all bundled with their traditional TV services. You do have several options to choose from in terms of speed and volume. A line rental is included in all the packages for a tenure of 12 months or 24 months.

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Reliable Service

Foxtel offers both ASDL and NBN plans, belonging to the 25/5 MBPs speed tire. All plans are unlimited, which makes them a perfect choice if you often stream HD videos or watch Netflix shows.

Unlimited Data

If you download Foxtel content, you aren’t restricted by any download limits. This feature applies to the Foxtel App, Foxtel on Demand and Foxtel Now.

Optimised Mode

Foxtel plans include a modem that is optimised for video streaming, and enables it on multiple devices. The offered Wi-Fi speeds are much better and you enjoy greater home coverage. Generally, you do have to pay for the modem but if you sign up for a 24 month contract, you can get it for free. If you are a Platinum HD customer and sign up for an unlimited broadband plan, then also you don’t have to pay for the modem.


Foxtel has bundled their broadband plans with TV packages, so you get all the entertainment that you should ever desire. Whether you want to watch a live sport shows, a new movie or a complete past season, Foxtel provides you access to all.

Verified YouTube Streaming

Watch videos on YouTube?  Foxtel allows you to do so with quick buffering and superior quality. Even if you stream at a peak hour, you enjoy HD quality almost 90% of the time.

Unlimited Calls

Foxtel has included unlimited local calls in all their broadband packages. If you subscribe for an unlimited plan, national calls are also free.

No Transfer Fees

Foxtel doesn’t require you to pay any transfer fee if you switch between their various plans, be it ADSL or NBN.


All your plans are bundled are combined together in a single bill, which makes it easier to manage your Foxtel services. They also offer round the clock support should you want any help.

Monthly Limit Quota

If you exceed your monthly quota, Foxtel automatically slows down your plan to the 256 kbps for the remaining month. Obviously, the speed is much lower, but you don’t have to pay huge bills.