How to Engage a Video Production Company

It can be difficult to differentiate your business from your competitors, as more organisations wake up to the power of video. Do you have ‘how to’ videos? Yes, well so do your competitors. Do you have a promo video on your site’s homepage? Ditto and they have more content on the other pages of their website.

While we know many people favour watching videos over other types of content, billions of hours of video are uploaded online. That makes this market extremely competitive. Not long ago, video on a company website was a novel experience. This was enough to counteract amateur production quality. Customers were thankful for any type of video production agency in surrey instruction, so you could put up a simple ‘how to’ video and the customers were satisfied with the poor quality, as long as they could see what they needed to do.

Now, the landscape has changed significantly. There are countless ‘how to’ videos and other content on company websites, social media, and YouTube. It’s no longer enough to just have a video. The standard for video content from a production and creative point of view must compete with other online content. Since many companies are using broadcast quality content, you must do the same.

Do you want to be taken seriously? You need extremely good video. Do you want to be viewed as forward thinking and innovative? This should be reflected in your video.

This points to the need to get professional help. But do you know what to look for when you engage a video production company? Here are some tips for hiring the right video production company for your project.

1. Ask to See Recent and Relevant Projects

Video production companies should have a showreel, which provides an overview of their projects. However, it won’t show the entire film, just clips that fit together. The showreel will provide a bit of a background and a great reason to contact the company, however, you should still ask to see some complete projects.

A complete project can help you understand how the company used video to communicate a message, telling a story, delivering results for their clients. You won’t see this demonstrated in the pretty bits that they put on a showreel.

2. Look at Several Video Production Companies

Even if you’ve found a video production company that you’d like to work with, you should still explore your options. If anything, you will be confirming you’ve found the perfect video partner, however, you may find other video companies that are a better fit.

While some companies may have great content, but are unable to deliver on conversions. Other companies are technically proficient, but they don’t have the same level of creativity that other companies have.

3 Get a Few Quotes

As you look at various video production companies you should ask them for a quote. You’ll get a wide range of quote. The quote should be aligned with the company’s project quality. However, this is not always the case.

As a rule of thumb, if you have a large budget, you should strive to get what you want in terms of Experience, production values, ROI, and creativity. However, if you’re not sure the company is offering a real value for the money, dig deeper. For example, if the company has clients on YouTube, check out the engagement on the videos to determine how successful they are. You should also request testimonials for the company’s recent projects.

As the demand for video content increases, it’s worth spending the time to identify a video production company to form a long-term partnership with. The main benefits of this are that as you work with a company, they will get to understand your company objectives, ethos, and culture. This can help them create great video content that aligns with your organisation’s brands.