3 Reasons to Print Your Photos on Environmentally Friendly Aluminum Metal

Printing photos on metal is an art. A good metal print is able to end up with a life-like quality print. Traditionally, we are used to getting graphics and photos printed on paper and vinyl. However, metal printing can also offer stunning images that can be displayed at home or office.


Metal printing has been in the industry for a long time already but it only became popular recently. This increasing popularity of metal photo prints is because of the need to find other alternatives for preserving a photo. For this reason, the demand for metal printing has increased which resulted in various 3D designs to choose from.

How metal printing works

All images that are to be printed on metal need to be printed on paper first. Then this is transferred to a coated aluminum sheet and they are placed in a heat press. This will then let the dye transfer from the paper and then converted into gas. This sublimation process lets the dye gets pressed on the aluminum sheet. When the metal cools down, the dyes solidify. This results with a permanent printout of text or image on metal, fabulous metallic photo prints.

Below are the top three benefits why you should start preserving your photos with metal prints:

  1. Good image quality

Graphics and images printed on paper fade after a certain amount of time. With metal prints, images can last for many generations. As a matter of fact, fading happens only after 100 years of being exposed to the sun! Metal prints are also scratch resistant. During the sublimation process, the dyes are transferred until metal’s coating so it is more long-lasting than images on paper.

Another characteristic of metal prints is that they are heat resistant. If there is a fire in your place, a metal print can hold up against the head. If you are living in a place where the temperature is always a bit higher, it can still last a long time.

You can also expect a good image once this has been transferred to metal.

  1. Easy to clean and display

You do not have to worry about smudges on your metallic photo prints. If you have guests who appreciate the art and leave behind fingerprints, you can clean the prints easily to wipe it off.  You also have the option to frame the metal prints. If you want to go for a modern or traditional look, it is your choice. You can make them float should you want to.

  1. Lightweight

Some people equate metal with heaviness. Metal prints are actually lightweight because the metal being used is aluminum. This print can be hanged on the wall without worrying about the weight.

These are just some of the benefits that you will get when you invest in metal prints. However, prior to having a photo printed on aluminum, make sure that you took a good photo with high resolution.