Month: January 2017

Similarities And Differences Between WordPress And Magento

Business owners are often confused about which software to choose for their website. Developer’s world buzzing with various popular online platforms. It is becoming ever more difficult to choose the right platform for your online business. While most of these platforms provide benefits that would help you grow online, there are limitations with each of […]

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20 Interesting Twitter Facts That Every Internet Marketer Should Know

Twitter changed the blogging world with the concept of phone based micro-blogging in 2006. Every year Twitter valuation increases despite it not being able to post profits. The primary reason behind it is it growing user base. Like every online business that has an active user base investors tend to believe that it can be […]

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Top 4 European Union Business Etiquette Tips

Adjusting your behavior to your surroundings makes it easier to interact and build relationships with other people. This is an important skill for any businessperson, and while each state in the European Union has its own cultural customs and habits, there are some concepts that are some widespread etiquette guidelines that you should follow across […]

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