20 Interesting Twitter Facts That Every Internet Marketer Should Know

Twitter changed the blogging world with the concept of phone based micro-blogging in 2006. Every year Twitter valuation increases despite it not being able to post profits. The primary reason behind it is it growing user base. Like every online business that has an active user base investors tend to believe that it can be monetised for profit as long as people find it useful and user base keeps on swelling. Here are some quick and interesting twitter statistics that inspires internet marketers to be so passionately involved.


  1. Created in March 2006

Twitter was created almost a decade ago in March 2006 by Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass. In July 2006, the site was launched for common people and has seen an exponential growth ever since.

  1. First Tweet

The first tweet was sent by Jack Dorsey Jack Dorsey. “just setting up my twttr,” he tweeted. “Twttr” was the name that was initially decided to refer to the messaging network. It was later padded out with the vowels and after four months the site was publicly-launched.

  1. History of #Hashtag

Twitter and hashtag are inseparable and the later debuted exactly a year later in August 2007. Chris Messina was the first person to propose the trend of hashtag and you know the rest.

  1. Twitter Financial Stats

Twitter has over 3,900 employees and the company generated $595m in revenue in first quarter of 2016. In the year 2015, Twitter posted net income of $7 million in Q4. Twitter IPO was priced at $26 per share on November 7, 2013 and the price had fallen to $17.75 by May 17, 2016.

  1. Twitter Users

Twitter has around 310 million active monthly users who use the service every month and as many as 500 million tweets are sent every day. With over 1.3 million accounts, 500 million always logged in users, Twitter becomes the second most popular social site. The first rank holder is Facebook with more than 900 million users logging in every month.

  1. Twitter Accounts Facts

44% of total 1.3 billion accounts were left without ever sending a tweet and just 550 million users tweeted from their account. Of the total social networking users in US, 29.2% are Twitter users. Around 80% account holder use mobile to access the site and Katy Perry has the maximum number of followers at 87 million.

  1. Personalities on Twitter

The personality with maximum number of followers on Twitter is Katy Perry and over 83% of the world’s leaders use this microblogging site. 24.6% of journalists have verified accounts on Twitter.

  1. Twitter Usage

Around 500 million Tweets are sent every day that makes 6,000 Tweets sent every second. The tweet with 3.33m RTs is the most retweeted Tweet posted by Ellen DeGeneres on March 3, 2014. 618,725 tweets were sent in one minute during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final.

  1. Brand-Consumer relationship On Twitter

Most users also use Twitter as a platform to register complaints and get in direct touch with brands. On various occasions, customers have agreed that they received replies to their queries on Twitter while their e-mails and calls went unanswered. As per stats, 58% of top brands have as many as 100,00 followers on Twitter. As for customers, 77% of Twitter users feel satisfied and more positive about a brand when their Tweet has been replied to.

  1. Brands’Followers

An average Twitter user follows at least five businesses and over 80% of users have mentioned a brand in their Tweet.
Brands have become more active on Twitter and 92% of companies Tweet more than once a day, 42% of the companies Tweet 1-5 times in a single day, and 19% companies Tweet over 6-10 times a day. Surprisingly 21% of the active companies increase twitter followers using various paid options like twitter advertisements.

  1. Consumers’ actions

As per Twitter survey, 54% of users reported that they took action after seeing a brand mentioned in Tweets. The action can be in form of  visiting their website, retweeting content or searching for the brand. Moreover, 64% of consumers have made a purchase decision based on social content.

  1. Customer Conversation

Consumers on Twitter have gone more active regarding their queries and complaints and Twitter has registered a 2.5x increase in customer service conversations on Twitter in last two years.

  1. Consumer Expectations

Keeping in mind that almost all big brands have an active presence on Twitter, 60% of consumers expect brands to reply to their query within the hour and the average is 1 hour 24 minutes. 76% of consumers prefer to recommend the brand after friendly service.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

Companies that use Twitter actively for customer service have observed a 19% rise in customer satisfaction. This itself shows that Twitter can help you have satisfied customers.

  1. Use of Image

Tweet with an image promises to bring along 18% more click through, 89% more favourites and 150% more retweets. This shows why it is extremely important to add an image in your tweet especially in those that you wish to get noticed.

  1. The Billionth Tweet

Twitter that has billions of users today actually took 3 years, 2 months and 1 day to get to the billionth tweet and the family is ever increasing at a rapid and exponential rate.

  1. Most Tweeted Event

The 2012 elections had 31.7 million political tweets and with that the vent became the most tweeted about event in the history of US politics. Besides, Barack Obama’s victory tweet was among the most retweeted tweets so far.

  1. One Million Accounts Every Day

2012 was perhaps the most memorable year in the history of Twitter when almost 1 million accounts were added every single day. The year also brought an 800% increase in top TV show tweets.

  1. Fastest Growing Twitter nation

And the title goes to Saudi Arabia! With a 300% year-on-year growth, the Saudi Arabia becomes the fastest-growing Twitter nation and it has more than 3 million active Twitter users.

  1. User’ devotion to Twitter

As per stats, on an average, Twitter users spend about 21 minutes per month on Twitter. This is where brands and companies need to be more careful as they have very little time to make an impression and get noticed yet the scope is huge

It would now be clear to you, why twitter is so valuable to internet marketers and social media marketing agencies in particular.